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    » Startups » Interviews » Muchokids – A Multimedia Experience For Kids Comprised Of Original Fantasy/Adventure Stories And Books

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    Below is our recent interview with Laura Chavez Campero from Muchokids :

    Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Muchokids?

    A: Yes of course! Muchokids is a brand new entertainment platform. It’s a multimedia experience for kids comprised of original fantasy/adventure stories and books spanning multiple Muchokids series, as well as videos, games and an app coming very soon. Our various book series are designed to appeal to kids as young as 3 and up through 12 and hopefully even older.

    We set up the main Muchokids storyline our first book, out now, called Galaxia and Her Quest to Save the Universe: #TheBeginning. It deals with Galaxia, our main character, losing her home planet to an attack. Everything she knows has been destroyed, and she is now the sole protector of a magical book, which is fabled to hold all the knowledge and power in the universe. Dangerous forces wish to acquire it. She needs help in protecting it! I don’t want to spoil any more, but let’s just say this is where we introduce kids from all over Earth and our hallmark themes of unity and diversity—the real messages we are trying to get across.

    We already have so much content in the pipeline—like several other books completed from multiple upcoming MK series. You could say I like to get a little ahead of myself. But for now, this first Galaxia’s Quest book introduces it all. It’s available on Amazon to buy in hardcopy or on Kindle. Or you can read for free and/or watch the videobook on our website. For kids into comedy, action, science-fiction, fantasy, adventure—they should find something they like in our stories. We like to think there is a little something for everyone in there.

    To investigate the effect of periodicity, we performed measurements on a sample with a layer period (5, 8) in a manner similar to the measurements made on sample (22, 2). We find the magnitude of the polarization increases compared with the (22, 2)-SL while T c shifts to lower temperatures, namely around 15 K ( Fig. 2a ). The ME effect is, however, weaker compared with SLs with a layer period (22, 2), resulting to a <20% increase in the measured polarization at 5 K during MFC at 6 T ( Womens Iriza Suede Half DOrsay Pumps Christian Louboutin In China For Sale Official Free Shipping Shopping Online Discount Pick A Best u9gAV22FY
    ). Corresponding P - E a hysteresis loops measured at 5 K ( Preowned Loafers Car Shoe Low Shipping Fee High Quality Buy Online Free Shipping Pictures Buy Cheap Visa Payment tzR973U4
    ) resulted in P r ~2.7 μC cm −2 , following the application of 2 kV cm −1 . The larger polarization compared with the (22, 2)-SLs is also apparent from the enhanced shift in the corresponding C-V characteristics ( 0897924 Mens Loafers Rieker Buy Cheap Purchase dpdQREB

    () Direct comparison between the temperature dependence of the measured polarization () for (5, 8), (2, 21) and (22, 2) superlattices (SLs), and bare treated SrTiO capacitors. Solid lines represent data in zero magnetic field () and dotted lines data measured in magnetic field cooling (MFC) conditions at =6 T. Electric field cooling conditions with =+100 V cm were followed for the abovementioned measurements. () Normalized relative change of (=+100 V cm) in MFC at =6 T for all SLs. () Comparison of the thickness dependence of (left axis) and magnetization (right axis) for various SLs at =5 K. Dotted lines are a guide to the eye. The red arrow indicates the y-axis for the data in red open circles and the black arrow the y-axis for the data in black closed circles.

    Full size image

    Further reduction in periodicity, namely, SLs with (2, 21) shifts T c to 25 K ( Fig. 2a ). Applying 6 T during MFC yields almost a 150% increase in the absolute value of the polarization ( Fig. 2b ). Corresponding P - E a hysteresis loops for different frequencies are also depicted in Supplementary Fig. S1 (see Supplementary Methods for a discussion). Although the (2, 21)-SLs exhibit a lower polarization compared with the (5, 8)-SLs, the ME coupling is significantly enhanced, exceeding that of the (22, 2)-SLs. Figure 2a depicts a comparison between the temperature dependence of the polarization for the three sets of SLs studied here, as well as for the bare treated SrTiO 3 substrates. Compared with the SLs, the polarization of the substrate is considerably lower, indicating the ferroelectricity and ME coupling studied here arise mostly from the SL structure grown on the SrTiO 3 substrate.

    An overall comparison of the samples depicted in Fig. 2 reveals a strong dependence , of the electric and magnetic properties of the SLs on layer thickness and/or on the total number of tri-layers integrated within the capacitor dielectric stack. It is therefore, apparent that the interfaces have a central role in the emergent FE properties. In particular, the periodicity of the SL affects both the magnitude of the polarization and T c , as well as the strength of the ME coupling—as depicted by the effect of the magnetic field on the measured polarization ( Fig. 2a,b ). Notably, an enhanced polarization and weaker magnetic field dependence are observed with decreasing the thickness of the layers comprising a SL, for as long as the layer thickness is kept greater or equal to five unit cells. Bulk magnetization measurements revealed a similar thickness dependence , with the (5, 8)-SLs exhibiting concurrently the highest magnetization ( Fig. 2c ). The abovementioned monotonic thickness dependence is reversed for both the polarization and the magnetization when the thickness of the layers is lower than five. An anti-correlation between the thickness dependence of the ME coupling and the magnetization (and polarization) is depicted in Free Shipping Low Shipping Cheap Wholesale Red Point Block Heel Ankle Boot Pretty Little Thing Free Shipping Brand New Unisex Cheapest Price InlVOGjjCN

    But the Victorians took monogramming to a whole new level. Tune in to the next post , where we explore “monogramania” in the 1800s.

    The Handbook of Greek Coinage

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    Marks and Monograms on European and Oriental Pottery and Porcelain. William Chaffers. 14th edition. Borden Publishing Company, Los Angeles, CA.

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    10th October 2014, 10:45 am

    Nothing says quiet sophistication quite like classic a embossed monogram. Giftsin24 has a large selection of monogrammed notes and cards to choose from. We have traditional script monograms, classic initial monograms and eclectic, artistic monograms. All of our monograms are deeply embossed and showcase your initials in delicate detail. Whether you personalize a foldover note or a flat-panel card with your personal initials, you will appreciate the fine quality and exceptional beauty of our monograms.

    Classic and refined. The Classic Frame Note has the perfect embossed monogram!

    Choose from a prominent 2 ½” size monogram or a traditional 1 ½” monogram , embossed borders and frames, and multiple paper colors. Our paper is smooth and thick – a pleasure to write on. You will truly enjoy corresponding with these luxurious papers!

    Need help choosing? Here’s a little Monogram Etiquette 101:

    • Couples – The monogram will be the bride’s first initial, the couple’s last name, and the groom’s first initial, in that order. For example, Mary and John Smith would be M S J.

    • Women – A woman’s monogram is traditionally presented as first, last and middle initial. So Mary Elizabeth Jones would be M J E. It is always appropriate to use a woman’s initials in this way, even if married; however, it’s more common to use her first, maiden and married surname if she does marry. For example, Mary Elizabeth Jones Smith would then be M S J.

    • Men – A gentleman’s monogram is often done in first, middle and last initial order. John Andrew Smith would be JAS. In this instance, the initials are all the same size. You may also choose to put the gentleman’s surname in the middle, as J S A, with the center initial larger in size.

    • Children – A child’s monogram follows the traditional first, last, middle initial order.

    As with any monogrammed gift, you will want to consider the age and tastes of the recipient – traditional, modern or whimsical.

    The sculptured look of embossing has a timeless appeal. It’s a classic that never fails to impress. Browse our selection at today and find the perfect gift for every occasion. is dedicated to helping you find people and learn more about them in a safe and responsible manner. is not a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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